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I've gained four convictions from my Corporate life, which drive my approach:


  • Executives are alone to face their challenges. 

  • Executive teams are made by highly experienced and skilled individuals, not often at ease with collective intelligence. 

  • Many challenges and gain in effectiveness can be found at the interface of areas of responsibility and competencies. 

  • Trust boost performance. 



I've measured how useful can be a candid listening and thinking partner.


I've experienced the strength of collective thinking to accelerate, simplify, cascade down strategic and operational initiatives.

I've observed the importance of a multi-disciplinary and integrated approach in analyzing and decoding issues in order to come up with effective and sustainable solutions


I've seen how aligning key performance drivers contributes to make the strategy and the vision clearer to anyone, and to win people trust. And how trust is an accelerator of buy-in and of commitment to deliver.

Supporting Executives or Executive Teams – whatever their issue is - means to me to offer an integrated approach around those few elements to leverage everyone's contribution to secure collective achievement .

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