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20 years of international experience and a good knowledge of the economic and social footprint of several countries thanks to expatriation, worldwide assignments, long term local missions


18 years of industrial background (ST, Rhodia, Lafarge, L’Oréal), in a variety of sectors such as semi-conductors, chemicals, building materials and cosmetics; within strongly technological and innovation-driven environments, experiencing both growing and restructuring cycles


10 years in Human Resources and Organizational Development, an extensive knowledge of the HR processes (recruitment, learning, talent development, and performance management) along with an in-depth experience in change management, redesigning of organization and management processes, reshaping of culture and values’ foundations; a broad practice of in-house Executive coaching, design and facilitation of Executive Committee offsite meeting and Top Management Conferences


8 years in Communications and Sustainability, supporting Executives in taking over Company Chairman & CEO role, mastering the full scope of reputation drivers (Corporate comms, financial communications, crisis management, philanthropy and community support, public affairs, stakeholders’ management), and introducing business-driven sustainability approaches (from compliance to inclusive business models)


8 years as a member of the Executive Committee of CAC 40 companies (Lafarge, L’Oréal), becoming familiar with the strategic challenges of listed multinational corporations and at ease with C-suite and CEOs


Trained and certified in several methods to support individual and team change:

  • Master in NLP (neurolinguistic programming),

  • Certified MBTI step II (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator), 360° Feedback,  Hogan Assessment Systems

  • Certified Coach  (Coaching and Consulting for change, Insead),

  • Trained in Team Facilitation techniques, media-coaching, Team leadership

Works in French, English, Italian

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